Top Speaker and Recommended Speaker Designation, SHRM Annual Conferences

Karen Michael is featured on the SHRM’s Speakers Directory that features a listing of highly rated presenters who have spoken at SHRM events.

EEOC Speaker/Presenter

Guest speaker and presenter at EEOC’s 2020 Virtual EXCEL Training Conference

Presenter at the 2020 Regional EEOC Technical Assistance Seminar

Training and Public Speaking

Are your mangers and leaders trained to understand appropriate workplace behaviors and what is expected of them in their role as managers?

Karen’s in-person or virtual training can be divided into two categories:

Performance management: Karen trains managers/leaders on how to set employees up for success and holding them accountable.

Workplace conduct, Equity & Diversity/Inclusion: Karen trains employees, managers/leaders on the topics of civility in the workplace, workplace bullying, social media, after-hours activity, touching, consent, notice, and harassment, and discrimination.

Karen’s training encompasses interactive technology, videos, and real-life case studies that truly connects her audience.

Karen trains and develops top performing managers to reduce the risk of employee-related lawsuits and encourage a culture of respect and inclusion.

Karen also conducts management and leadership training to smaller organizations, state agencies, non-profits and associations.

Sample programs include:

  • Responsible Social Media Presence and Unconscious Bias
  • Blurred Lines-Appropriate Workplace Behaviors at Work and After Hours
  • Why is this Person Still Working Here?
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Taming the Workplace Bully
  • Leading Within the Law
  • Bermuda Triangle-FMLA, ADA and Workers Compensation

Nationally recognized speaker

Karen has also been engaged by Fortune 500 companies to train their managers and leaders across the country on proper workplace practices and behaviors. These organizations recognize the risk of harassment and discrimination occurring in the workplace and have relied on Karen to set common expectations across the organization footprint.

Karen has also been retained by organizations who have entered into a Conciliation Agreements with the EEOC. Karen can ensure that organizations meet their legal training obligations pursuant to the Conciliation Agreement.