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November 14, 2017

Astros championship gives employers lessons on hiring, retention and employee engagement

The Houston Astros brought home the 2017 World Series championship. This might not have been possible but for second baseman  Jose Altuve, who boasted 200 hits in the season, multiple home runs in the post-season and threw to first for the last out in the World Series win. Altuve’s success gives employers lessons on hiring, […]



Employers can decorate for the holidays without violating the law

It’s almost time to deck the workplace halls for the holidays, which means the traditional concerns around offending employees or customers likely will occur. These discussions should center around listening to the concerns of others, while understanding the legal ramifications of celebrating holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Many concerns at work involve holiday decorations. […]



November 5, 2017

Complying with federal employment law is cheaper than violating it

The Family and Medical Leave Act can be tricky, complex and, if not administered correctly, expensive for employers. Last month, a federal court in Massachusetts awarded liquidated damages (double the jury award) to a former employee who the court said was denied rights under the act. Grace Boadi sued her former employer, an organization providing […]



October 29, 2017

In wake of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse, employees should not have to come to work and ‘take it’

The recent news about the extent to which Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has engaged in outrageous conduct towards women exposed a serious weakness in holding powerful people accountable. Many have questioned how Weinstein was able to engage in this blatant behavior for years, against multiple women, with no oversight. The answer is simple — he […]



For Halloween, don’t turn the workplace into a haunted house of complaints and charges

Halloween is upon us so now is a good time for employers to set expectations and plan for the festivities at work. Employers will want to make sure that their Halloween activities don’t turn the workplace into a haunted house of complaints and EEOC charges. Here are some tips to make your day a treat, […]



October 15, 2017

Is continuous leave of absence a reasonable accommodation under the ADA?

Employees who exhaust their leave under the Family Medical Leave Act will sometimes require additional leave due to a medical condition. While the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and some courts, have held that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that employers grant continuous leave as a reasonable accommodation, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (which […]



October 4, 2017

Employers need to set expectations around attendance during the holidays

The children are back in school, the leaves are changing and football is here. That means that the holiday season is right around the corner. To avoid mistakes — and lawsuits — and to manage expectations, employers should put plans in place right away. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, there will be many opportunities […]



Harassment in the workplace sadly continues in 2017

Recent allegations of a “rape table” by customs agents in Newark Airport and a “kink room” at a startup in Silicon Valley shows that harassment in the workplace sadly continues in 2017 and has become even more outrageous and institutional. In the first instance, the Department of Justice recently issued a statement announcing that two […]



Federal law does protect jobs for those having military leave

In this time of national disasters, our National Guard and other citizen soldiers have been called up to help our country in its time of need. Many will leave their jobs to serve places around the country. Congress passed the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act  so that employees in the public and private […]



September 18, 2017

Employers should put emergency preparedness in place for business operations and workers

The horrible situation that is ongoing in Texas should remind employers to put in place emergency preparedness for their business operations and workers. While many large corporations hire experts to have such operational contingencies, small businesses typically don’t have those resources. To start, organizations should implement an inclement weather/business closure policy that would cover the […]