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January 13, 2018

Inspire employees in 2018 to create a productive environment of engaged workers

As the new year begins, employers are looking for ways to motivate employees to create a productive environment of engaged employees to kick-start 2018. Being a manager is a lot like coaching a sports team. Most of us either have been on a team or had our children on a team, where there are those […]



January 8, 2018

Investigating harassment complaints must be fair, objective and impartial

Getting your company’s harassment prevention policies and practices into place is key. But once this happens, your organization may be faced with the need to investigate claims of harassment. In recent months, it seems that as soon as someone is accused of misconduct, the accused individual is assumed to have engaged in the behaviors. This […]



January 1, 2018

New year’s resolution – Get your anti-harassment house in order

The end of 2017 was dominated by the #MeToo movement and claims of harassment, including those dating back decades. These accounts have caused businesses and organizations to prioritize the need to develop comprehensive policies regarding the prohibition on harassment, as well as a training plan and a process to investigate and resolve disputes. In doing […]



Employees should be respectful of others’ beliefs at the holidays

In the next two weeks, there will be an excitement around the workplace, with celebrations of the holidays through New Year’s Day. This time of year, every workplace has that coworker who wears perpetual holiday gear or is the one who has a pile of Amazon deliveries in the office. There’s also the coworker who […]



December 17, 2017

Follow some commonsense rules when gift-giving at work

This time of year, many of us enjoy, and in some cases, expect the giving and receiving of gifts from coworkers and supervisors. While giving and receiving gifts can be a great boost to camaraderie and build relationships, to avoid potential issues we should follow some commonsense rules this time of year. The best way […]



Employers should not turn a blind eye to employees complaining about bullying

A friend recently described the unconscionable treatment he endured by new management at his organization. He described how, after over 20 years at this organization, his annual rating went from a high of 4 (exceeds) to a low of 2 (underperforming). He described that daily he was told he was not fit to do the […]



December 2, 2017

Should harassment settlements include nondisclosure agreements?

The recently revealed secret agreements from the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein have caused lawmakers to initiate legislation to prevent such confidentiality provisions. New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania have either introduced or publicly announced consideration of bills that would prevent employers and individuals from settlements with agreements that mandate confidentiality and nondisclosure. […]



Protocols to follow with the holiday office party

Each year, employers ask a myriad of questions about the annual holiday office party. Here are the top six questions and answers: QUESTION: If we serve alcohol and someone drinks and drives, are we liable?  ANSWER: The short answer is probably not, so long as the event is purely voluntary for employees to attend. However, […]



November 14, 2017

Astros championship gives employers lessons on hiring, retention and employee engagement

The Houston Astros brought home the 2017 World Series championship. This might not have been possible but for second baseman  Jose Altuve, who boasted 200 hits in the season, multiple home runs in the post-season and threw to first for the last out in the World Series win. Altuve’s success gives employers lessons on hiring, […]



Employers can decorate for the holidays without violating the law

It’s almost time to deck the workplace halls for the holidays, which means the traditional concerns around offending employees or customers likely will occur. These discussions should center around listening to the concerns of others, while understanding the legal ramifications of celebrating holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Many concerns at work involve holiday decorations. […]